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A Passionate Musician/Producer

 Growing up surrounded by music, Justin has written and produced songs to help people connect with their feelings, and give them an escape from the worries of every day life. Check out their music below.

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Music from the soul

Justin believes that music is a universal language, it can bring people together regardless of their background. Through difficult times in his life, he always found an escape through playing music, finding he could channel the emotions he was feeling into the songs he wrote. Justin makes his music with one goal in mind, transporting people out of their everyday life, away from their struggles and worries, bringing them into an escape of sound and feeling. Listening to one of Justins songs allows you to drift away from your worries, and relax for a bit. Music can be one of the best therapies, and Justin harnesses that aspect of music when creating his songs.

Ever since a young age, Justin has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with people. Beginning with the piano, Justin started his musical journey very early in life. Writing his first original piece when he was just 8 years old, Justin has had a long history of creating original music. By the time he was 12 years old, he had written, performed and recorded 3 full length songs, foreshadowing the creative journey he would embark on. Over time, through multiple teachers and mentors, he developed his talent and decided to pursue a career harnessing that talent. Justin would like to provide music not only for personal listening, but to add an extra element of emotion and mystery to media products that cover a wide range. 

The future holds many exciting opportunities for Justin, following his degree in Music Production, he plans to join a game company to enhance their worlds with music that will help transport you to their worlds. Video games were an important source of inspiration for Justin's music growing up, and he would like to help create games that can inspire others, as he was inspired. He has a goal to help create games that will not only give you beautiful worlds to explore, but beautiful music to accompany these worlds. Be sure to follow Justin's journey, as it will be one filled with meaningful music, and wondrous worlds to be seen and explored. 

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Los Angeles, CA, USA


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